Speexx Vitamin E

Speexx Vitamin E

- Speexx was founded in Germany by Applitech Solution Co., Ltd.
- Perfect blend of language tests and learning that cover all areas (listening, speaking, reading and writing).
- Modern and standardized technology from Germany.
- Compose of high resolution and realistic graphics with audio of native speakers.
- Newest and up-to-date version consistent with your learning and daily life.
- Able to access with multimedia computer and local area network.
- Accessing online via Cloud Computing using computers, notebooks, tablets, and other devices.
- System to track improvement of the user.

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- 4 levels with 39 courses
- More than 30,000 exercises
- 25 different types of activities
- Cover all 4 area of language skills
- Posttest for all levels
- Convenient to use
- Printable course content

Grammar In the grammar section, it provides you with a short explanation or tip for solving the exercise.

Correction Blinking box indicates that you have inserted a wrong answer, and a tip will appear to help you identify the right answer.

Solution It is recommended that you do the exercise by yourself first before looking at the answers. If you find that the exercise is too hard, you should try to do it many times. The dictionary and grammar explanation are there to assist you.

Note: There will be no score report if you click to see the solution.
Speexx Mobile is designed to work with local area network system in which the courses are kept in local server that enable it to be accessed from LAN (Local Area Network) system.

Vitamin E provides a learning evaluation that shows immediately after user did the exercise which make it very convenient in checking the progress. Besides, score reports are kept in the server so that admin/instructor could observe the feedback on the progress of the users as individuals and groups in the form of graphs in Excel.

The score for each exercise activities is provided in color score range.

Red color: score 0 to 49% (poor)
Yellow color: score 50 to 79% (fair-good)
Green color: score 80 to 100% (good-very good)

Examination (including posttest for all levels)
- ‘Reference Section’ consists of vocabulary and grammar from each course.