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 ASEAN Language uTalk

uTalk has been evaluated by group of students in the United Kingdom to assure our efficiency. It includes 9 ASEAN languages covering all 4 skills but more focuses on listening and speaking. Learning contents are adjustable depending on the user and several references are provided. Furthermore, there are several activities for you to experience. 

Why choose uTalk?

  • It activates you to participate and enjoy using the program.
  • Useful references to support your learning.
  • Stimulation and interaction could build up your self-confidence.
  • Score could be accumulated and printed as certificate.
  • Convenient to setup and use. 


Burmese, Chinese, Indonesian, Khmer, Lao, Malay, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese

Talk Now is a fundamental practice in which you do not need to have background in English language. It allows you to design your own learning exercises and a training process that aids you to remember the vocabularies and phrases in a simple way. Besides, you could further practice your pronunciation through communication activities.

- Talk Now offers its contents up to 9 branches to allow you to obtain an extensive learning of English.

- Example of course topics are First Words, Food, Colors, Phrases, Body, Numbers, Time, Shopping, and Countries.

- Practice exercises include games with wide range of difficulties for you to enjoy. After you finished each exercise in Talk Now, there are 2 tests to let you know your progress.

EuroTalk 5
Talk More is appropriate for users who has finished Talk Now course and desires to further improve their English to the next level. It is simple and easy to follow as Talk Now.

- You will encounter 10 different types of course contents consisting of Business, the Alphabet, Getting Around, Emergencies, At the Hotel, Greeting, Leisure, At the Restaurant, On the Phone, and Shopping.

- Talk More aids you to remember vocabularies, phrases, and conversations with several methods. This also make you have correct pronunciation and accent. All the vocabularies and phrases can be translated.

- Once you finished the online courses, there is an audio recording test that enable you to listen to your speaking in order to improve your accent and pronunciation.
Talk the Talk is a practice set for users who either understand short conversation or have already finished Talk More course. It consists of 10 different branches of course contents that allows you to use it in daily life more effectively than the old learning version.

- Example of course topics are At School, At Work, At Home, Hobbies and Friends, Emails, Computers and Technology, Family, Travelling, Sport, Vocabulary, and The World. English in this course is up-to-date and uses in general conversation. Besides, Talk the Talk also provides conversation audio of native speakers which permits you to improve your pronunciation and accent. At the end of each practice, there is a test to evaluate your progress.
EuroTalk 4
EuroTalk 6
Talk Business offers vocabularies, phrases, and conversations that are useful in the working circumstance. It will get rid of your worries in forgetting business vocabularies. Talk Business divides into 10 branches and could solve all the problems relating to business fields which are certainly enhance your self-confidence.

The course contents include Vocabulary, Business Travel, Trading, Buying and Selling, On the Phone, Negotiations, Business Meetings, Marketing, Advertising and PR, IT, Internet, e-commerce and Communications, Careers, Banking, Finance, Stock Exchange, and Accounting. At the end of each practice, there is a test to evaluate your progress.

- Windows Vista [SP2] or Windows 7 and above
- Mac OS X 10.6 or above.
- Min. Resolution 1024x600 pixels.
- Fully Netebook compatible.
- Microphone recommended.
* Talk Now Tablet App requires iPad with iOS 6.1
or higher or Android tablet with 4.0 or higher.
[Min Resolution 800x600]

  • apple
  • windows
  • android

Version in uTalk

  • Talk Now USB
  • Ultimate USB
  • LAN
  • Online (per year)